Sexual Assault Response Program

It’s not Your Fault

Victims of Sexual Assault often feel like they are to blame for what happened to them. They often think, “If only I hadn’t…” or “If only I’d done that differently.” If you or someone you love is a victim of sexual violence, please know that IT IS NEVER THE VICTIM’S FAULT.

Help is available to comfort you throughout the medical process, the court and police process, should you choose to report, and the healing and recovery process. Help is just a phone call away and you are never alone.

Crisis Center Support Services

  • 24-hour crisis hotline support by trained and caring workers
  • Advocates on call 24/7 who can meet you at the hospital or police department
  • Short-term crisis intervention services to help you start the recovery process
  • Court accompaniment and orientation to ease navigating the criminal justice channels
  • 24-hour information and referral services to help you find the services you need

Awareness and Outreach

The Sexual Assault Response Program also provides informational presentations to the community to help everyone better understand the dynamics of sexual assault and how they can  help individuals in their own lives who have been affected. Programs are available for various age groups and settings. These programs are open to any group who feels they would benefit and are always free of charge.


Accredited through the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance

Support for the Sexual Assault Program is provided by:

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