Crisis Center launches new brand

August 12, 2015

The Crisis Center located in Bristol, Virginia has developed a new brand that reflects our redoubling of efforts, a new direction in leadership, and an overall strengthening of the organization's role and impact in the region.

While we still believe in our principals of hope, support, respect, healing and education, the time was right to introduce the Crisis Center anew, to celebrate our accomplishments over the last 42 years while also increasing our efforts at volunteer recruitment, fundraising, and advocacy for those in need.

"We have done so much for people and have so much potential to do more, the time felt right to re-introduce ourselves to the community," said Stephanie Poe, Director.

Recently, the Crisis Center has taken on new responsibilities such as the PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) initiatives that the organization has taken on to educate, inform, and empower our regional prisons and prison employees to better deal with the ongoing crisis of rape in prisons.

"We are participating in a national program that is rolling out right now that will not only reduce the incidents of prison rape, but will also make for a better, more informed model for how staff respond to this serious issue," said Poe.

New grants are being applied for, staff and volunteers are working harder than ever, and the future looks bright for the Crisis Center — but most of all, it's looking brighter for the people in need whom we have always served.